I - Intro to Designing a home From Shipping Containers

The design stage is critical to any construction project, including shipping container homes.

II - Shipping Container Homes and Architects

Is an architect really necessary when you are building with used shipping containers?

III - Designing Based On The Shipping Container's Strengths

Understanding the shipping container's strengths and how to design a home that retains them.

IV - CAD & Shipping Container Home Design

Using CAD to design a shipping container house has both pros and cons.

V - Understanding Building Plans

Convert your concept into a concrete plan to avoid problems and issues before construction begins.

VI - CAD Program Basics

Getting familiar with the various CAD programs that you could use in designing a container house

VII - Design Study - 800 Sq Ft Using 4 Shipping Containers

Examine the step by step process of turning a shipping container home sketch into a 3 dimensional design study.

VIII - Turning The Design Study Into Plans And Drawings

Using the CAD program to help you develop plans, elevations and other necessary construction details.